Core/Platform/Projects i-team areas in 6.7



Quality criteria: 0 P1, 0 P2, ? P3

Individual bugs identified by QE and prioritized in IZ (see CoreNeedToBeFixed67)

(Milos + Dafe + other teams)

see MavenSupport67, MavenIn67

P1 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M1/ make Maven integral part of the IDE standard distribution

P1 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M2/ make Maven first-class citizen next to Ant projects (UI, feature set, quality)

(Richard + JirkaR)

see APISupportInNetBeans6.7

P2/P3 - [[File:]])

P1 - [[File:]])

}}strike P3 - improved visual editing of Platform applications }}

Ant Projects
(Milan + Marek + Jesse)

P1 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M2-3/ connected projects (see also Connected Projects)

P3 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M1/ project UI issues, especially:

  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png auto-sync between editor window and project/files/favorites (Issue 71319)
  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png Run Project (etc.) do not work w/o selection even when just one project is open (Issue 141605)
  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png implement <No Project Open> placeholder in Projects and Files windows (Issue 42993)
  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png expand root node of an opened project to first level (Issue 89816)
  • Quick way to add dependency on already open project (Issue 125341)
  • permit project command actions to be enabled on multiselection (Issue 64991)
  • need way to customize name pattern for new files (Issue 91580)
  • make editor menus consistent cross different file types (Issue 123450)
  • need an API to add generated source root to classpath (Issue 105645)

P3 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M1/ freeform issues, especially:

  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png better defaults (Issue 75867)
  • mark freeform project as misconfigured if no output is set (Issue 147480)
  • allow to set same cp for source and test packages (Issue 72337)
  • generate run-single-test target for freeform projects (Issue 146200)
  • permit ${basedir} to be overridden in project.xml (Issue 71973)
  • free-form project without existing ANT script (Issue 60078)

}}strike P3 - recognize that a user is using NetBeans only for profiling his project (e.g an Eclipse project) and suggest importing the project into NetBeans (-> w/ profiler team)

P3 - autoprojects (see AutomaticProjects) - integration in standard build deferred, will continue be kept on UC for 6.7, staying in the phase of gathering early user feedback and planning improvements

P3 - broken refs resolution UI improvements (Issue 123464)

P3 - merge "from scratch" and "with existing sources" templates (Issue 123430)

P3 - OSGi output for user projects }}

(Standa + Milan + Marek)

see also the wish list of xDesign team in XDesignPlan

see also the selection of enhancements to pick from in WinSysAndUI67


P1 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /before BETA/ 6.7 branding (supposed to be only facelift)

P1 - [[File:]])

P2 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M2/ OutlineView issues (required by debugger):

  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png Need ability to define sorting for the first column (Issue 86793)
  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png Allow to specify sorting of nodes in SortedNodeTreeModel (Issue 65137)
  • Image:wip_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.gif deprecate TreeTableView

P3 - fix more issues in Nimbus GTK theme on Solaris (Issue 131305)

P3 - fix more issues in Nimbus Java LaF (Issue 120656)

}}strike P3 - usability improvements in New File wizard (Issue 151871)

P3 - prototyping of skins using Nimbus Java LaF }}


P2 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M1/ rewrite toolbars implementation (current code is bad and bugy; also useful for the Mac UI redesign)

  • see Issue 59242
  • resolved most of the following toolbar bugs
  • Issue 150576 - Should be possible to move toolbar to right/left/bottom
  • Issue 83252 - Reset Windows changed Small Toolbars selection
  • Issue 103524 - Icons in toolbar misaligned after selecting "Small Toolbar Icons"
  • Issue 139992 - Please make Quick search movable in toolbar
  • Issue 140863 - Toolbar resize problem after width reduction
  • Issue 150167 - Small icons checkbox does not react reset toolbars in customize diag.
  • Issue 137336 - "Reset Toolbars" does not set toolbars position
  • Issue 75290 - toolbar is not refreshed after adding new item
  • Issue 44876 - Spacing on Main Window toolbars
  • Issue 131398 - toolbar items vanish after dragging another items
  • Issue 145207 - Quick search wastes space in toolbar
  • Issue 138583 - Reset windows erases debug toolbar when debugging
  • Issue 134690 - Reset Toolbars action makes Toolbar Icons bigger
  • Issue 120019 - Toolbars resize policies (Toolbars occupy more vertical space then needed after window resize)
  • Issue 68083 - New empty toolbar isn't automatically deleted when it's added by advanced options.
  • Issue 140464 - Quicksearch is painted over near by toolbar
  • Issue 103186 - Refreshing problem after adding or removing icon to main toolbar
  • Issue 135663 - Height of Toolbar grows
  • Issue 150568 - StackOverflowError at java.awt.font.FontRenderContext.hashCode
  • Issue 148671 - Toolbar alignment incorrect. Docking incorrectly.

P3 - [[File:]])

  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png public API in WS needed for editor to find out that this component is undocked
  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png revise status line SPIs if any additions needed
  • editor team to rewrite their status line to plug-in via status line SPIs

P3 - [[File:]])

}}strike P3 - improving support for 3rd party LaFs

P3 - window system state save/load, to be used for

  • more than one predefined default layout (notebook layout, large monitor layout, multimonitor,...)
  • user-defined perspectives
  • contexts in the task driven UI? (only nice-to-have and has issues with portability between users)


Performance and Miscellaneous
(Jesse, Standa, JirkaS, Tomas)

P2 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M1/ improving declarative MIME resolvers (JirkaS)
(see JiriSkrivanekNB67Plan)

  • Issue 118977 - enable declarative MIME resolver matching to filename (CndMimeResolver, RubyMimeResolver)
  • Issue 142760 - Startup regression: org.netbeans.modules.php.project.PhpMimeResolver
  • Issue 117280 - ShellScriptResolver should be rewritten declaratively and reordered
  • Issue 153202 - Add API for programmatic way to add new extension for interested mime-type

P2 - [[File:]])

P3 - [[File:]]

P2 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M3/ - tasklist performance (Standa)

P2 - Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png /M2-3/ output window improvements (Tomas)

  • allow more output implementations - fast simple output vs. terminal emulator
  • merge various output windows in UI (Issue 123429)
  • improve APIs to allow resolution of long list of outstanding requests ( OutputWindowIssuesAndReqs)

P3 - [[File:]])

  • Image:yes_CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67.png Add helper class to simplify dealing with error/warning/info messages in dialogs (Issue 148730)

P2 - cleanup of deprecated APIs (list at ThingsToDeprecateAndPlanToDelete as a starting point)

}}strike P2 - startup performance: declarative actions (infrastructure + implementation in all modules)

P3 - prototyping migration path of SAF users onto Platform (cooperation with SAF team - Dafe)

P3 - loading OSGi bundles inside NetBeans to allow reuse of certain OSGi bundled libraries without a need for repackinging into NetBeans module wrappers

P3 - IDE scripting? }}

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