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    • Issue 213250 - zip.html download page should list descriptions of the ZIP files
    • Issue 118695 - Show netbeans ads while installing
    • Issue 122233 - Put a link to the Wiki in the dialog that shows installation errors
    • Issue 194524 - Add "Edit with NetBeans" to Windows context menu
    • Issue 100342 - Launcher should be able to handle (restrict) beta/rc/ea versions of java
    • Issue 191931 - Provide language options in installation wizard


    • Issue 221351 - [73cat] permanent or easy config of userdir/cachedir
    • Issue 223905 - Windows starter EXE should display unknown command line options rather than terminate quietly


    • Issue 198253 - "Show on Plugin Portal" button - allow rating/comment on PP site
    • Issue 202757 - allow users to decide which "recommends" plugins are installed
    • Issue 49619 - Need the ability to back out a installed nbm or group of nbms (as in a patch or service pack concept)
    • Issue 201162 - Installed plugins don't show Homepage in Plugins dialog
    • Issue 161112 - Export plugin
    • Issue 220366 - Add possibility to disable plugin that causes failure of installation in IDE Installer
    • Issue 200807 - Netbeans IDE Plugin Installer doesn't skip bad plugins
    • Issue 206820 - Netbeans Updater should be incremental, allow install all downloaded plugins if download failed somewhere
    • Issue 215092 - Add support to install NBMs files directly from Files/Favorites view
    • Issue 215533 - Add setting to force shared plugin install in netbeans.conf
    • Issue 215426 - RCP - Proxy button in Tools->Plugins assumes "General" option is present
    • Issue 215430 - RCP - Branding is not used when installing plugins

Window System

  • Issue 222848 - Support for mousewheel and other gestures
  • Issue 219669 - Progress Suspend API
  • Make some text (warning/info messages) in dialog windows selectable and copy it to clipboard.
  • Filter content in New File/Project window
  • Possibly some other enhancements in New Project window
  • Split editor windows
  • Embedded browser enhancements - open in new window, save as, open in firefox, ...
  • Prototype new implementation of window system based on JavaFX


  • Issue 224618 - Refresh modules cache while closing IDE
  • Issue 213996 - Module System could read a separate "extra" cluster distinct from userdir

Unit Testing

    • Issue 203078 - Provide way to run all tests in a package
    • Issue 143763 - (JUnit Results Window) Running multiple selected tests


  • Issue 204221 - Not obvious how to add/update license headers
  • Issue 221998 - Set user per project using hgrc or equivalent


Outline & TreeTable

Version Control

  • Issue 216077 - mercurial repository browser (2w)
  • Issue 216487 - mercurial changeset transplanting from the IDE (3d)
  • remote Svn (2m?)

Connected Developer

  • finalize ODCS support - external libs etc. - 2w

Issue Tracking

  • integrate Tasks Dashboard into trunk. Adjust already existing Issue Tracking functionality so that it is trimmed to work smoothly with the Tasks Dashboard - query table vs. TD, adding issues to categories, saving queries, ... - 4-6w
  • private scheduling 1-2w
  • Issue 204311 - offline mode for bugtracking - 4-6w
  • local tasks - 1-3w
  • add private notes to tasks - 1-2w
  • a lot of enhancements to be picked in case we will have some space left

Connected Developer reuse

reuse parts of NetBeans Connected Developer functionality in JDeveloper. Still more questions than answers at the moment - too many things have to be figured out first. Need more input from JDev team.

  • resolve NB dependencies and get cdev to jdev as is - 8-16w
  • bugtracking api stabilization, docs, etc, - 4-6w

Task Contexts

  • associate a kind of adhoc project groups with tasks - keep trac of opened projects and files. 4-20w (see also the more detailed estimates)

Properties files

  • Issue 157754 - Move key nodes of the properties files to Navigator window
  • Issue 75906 - I18N - Add support for other encodings (other than ISO-8859-1)

Features of Java 7 we would like to use

  • JLayer to paint on top of standard Swing components. Evaluate possible use for notifications, search highlights etc.
  • Some NIO.2 features could be used in Find in Projects and Output Window
  • NIO.2 for symlink detection in the Git Library: #224551
  • vcs makes at several places use of file.getCanonicalFile() to identify symlinks. NIO.2 might provide a more performant way.
  • NIO.2 replace VCSFileProxy with nio.path (has impact on ADE support)
  • NIO 2 to detect NTFS Junction #222158 (tzezula)
  • NIO 2 to improve performance of up to date checking on Windows (tzezula)
  • Nashorn without JDK6 patch (phejl)
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