Core Plan 7.3 (Extended Platform team's plan)

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  • Image:Yes.png 64bit bundle installers
  • Image:Yes.png Issue 216060 - Sign installer app with Oracle developer certificate
  • Image:Yes.png Issue 216192 - Check for updates in IDE Installer
  • customization of RCP installers
    • Image:Yes.png a tutorial how-to make custom installer (NBI Tutorial)
    • Image:No.png simple wizard for installer customization and branding
  • Issue 211739 - Download installer on the background and run it from NetBeans
    • Issue 108684 - Installer installs a upgrade (i.e. replacement) of older IDE installation


  • Image:Yes.png Issue 181683 - Handle OSGi bundles jars with the same level of support in autoupdate as NBMs
  • ? Issue 200765 - License agreement handling when updating



  • Output Window

Version Control


  • Image:yes.png Issue 209998 - User-choosable filter of the "Open" file dialog for the Java Files
  • Search in Projects
    • Image:yes.png Add Open in New Tab option
    • Image:yes.png Issue 216050 Better handling of long lines (increase limit, show only the interesting part in Search Results window)
    • Image:yes.png Improve detection of binary files
    • Image:no.png Issue 214279 Consider using Index in Find in Projects
    • Image:no.png Issue 88210 Make list of searchable MIME types configurable

Window System


  • Image:yes.png Issue 215680 - Allow to provide additional binary classes to submit breakpoints on
  • Issue 215681 - More control on debugger stepping
  • Image:yes.png Issue 198385 - Allow to create custom debugger views
  • Support for debugging of lambda expressions
  • Concurrent feature: Parallel debugging in multiple threads/sessions
  • Image:no.png Issue 206668, Issue 212710, Issue 212827 - Improve property editors of debugger variable values - issues


  • Image:no.png Issue 193873 - history for the Run button
  • Image:no.png Issue 208801 - New files by default start with "To change this template..."
  • Image:no.png Issue 204221 - Not obvious how to add/update license headers


  • "effective POM" panel in the pom/xml editor
    • Image:Yes.png show the effective pom used on current configuration, settings etc.
    • Image:Yes.png mark/color/hyperlink section of the effective pom text, showing and jumping to location where it originates from.
    • Image:No.png allow showing diffs of current effective pom to a selected different configuration (different properties set, profiles activated)
  • refactorings/hints
    • Image:Yes.png introduce property
    • Image:No.png manage dependency/plugin version
    • Image:No.png some sort of synchronization across multiple projects in one tree/set of project, warn about plugin/dependency versions out of sync, unmanaged ones, duplicate plugin configuration.
    • Image:no.png maven 3.x vs maven 2.x - see
  • Issue 197577 - per-project maven executable settings



  • Issue 216311 - Options search - Add quick search panel in the main options window to allow user to search over all available options.
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