Plan for NetBeans 6.8 in Core/Platform/Projects/DB areas

  • embed web browser in the Platform
  • web preview for user's web project pages
  • interaction with online services (
  • embedded browsing of online/offline resources
  • adapt the maven integration to changes introduced in JEE 6 theme support
  • improve quality of the integration for advanced project setups
  • process RFEs filed by users during 6.7 (e.g. Compile On Save changes)
  • extend integration with Connected Developer features
  • switch the DB support modules from stand-by mode where it was in 6.7 (fixing stoppers) back to the full development mode
  • aggressively address the accumulated P3 issues
  • evaluate possibilities to support the workflows with development/test/production database environments (targeting future cloud DB availability)
  • finish the SQL completion feature half implemented after 6.5
  • involve community in APIsupport (1/2 Richard)
  • APISupportInNetBeans6.8
  • prepare APIsupport codebase for decoupled development model - stable test suite, separate repository, build environment
  • sketch a public API, pass it to community and review their work
  • gatekeeping
  • overall stabilization (1/2 Richard, Tomas, Marek)
  • decrease overall number of P3s in Core areas
  • e.g. visual library has doubled #P3s since 6.5 (50 versus 27)
  • e.g. javawebstart has tripled #P3s since 6.5 (12 versus 4)
  • set a P3 target lower than in 6.7 (through 6.1, 6.5 and 6.7 we were slowly increasing in number of P3s)
  • with the 6 people mostly focused on Embedded Browser, Maven and Database the people assigned fully to the stabilization will have to consume most of the income in the other areas

Out of scope of 6.8:

  • autoprojects
  • OSGI support for user projects
  • merge Favorites view into Files view
  • broken refs resolution UI improvements
  • merge "from scratch" and "with existing sources" project wizards
  • usability improvements in New File and New Project wizards
  • skins for Platform using Nimbus Java LaF
  • improving support for 3rd party LaFs
  • user defined WS perspectives
  • contexts in the task-driven UI
  • startup performance - declarative actions
  • loading OSGi bundles in NetBeans
  • IDE scripting


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