How to test the continuous build feature in NetBeans

  1. Log into from NetBeans, get an account if you don't have one yet
  2. Go to Window | Kenai Dashboard
  3. Select Open Project, search for Sandbox and open the Sandbox project. Sandbox is an open project that everyone has write access to.
  4. Under Sources section of Sanbox in the Kenai Dashboard, click "get" and follow the dialog to checkout the sources
  5. Create a project under the checked out root of the Sandbox project. The project has to be one of the types supported by the continuous integration, which currently include Java SE project and the Java EE project types (Web, EJB, EAR, AppClient).
  6. Check in the new project to SVN
  7. Launch Hudson via Java Web Start by clicking here:
  8. On the Hudson node in the Services tab, add this Hudson instance (URL is http://localhost:8080/)
  9. Select Team | New Continuous Build..., specify your Hudson instance, select the project to build and click Create
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