The Connected Customer Services

The services

* The service tags local registration

This registration doesn't need any network and user interaction. Should be done once for product (not user). Could be done during installation, by standalone script or by sun studio component.

* The global registration in Sun Inventory

This registration needs network connection to Internet and user interaction. Should be done once (for each user ???).

* Active users counting

Requires network. Should be done when SS components us

The problems

There is could be no any installation process/scripts which could invoke registration process

Additionally Sun Studio could be used in the batch mode only. So any interaction with the user is not convenient.

The versioning for all possible releases should be provided

The express, X, usual releases, patched releases probably should differ in inventory.

The several users for several products

Should we provide one registration for user?

The registering approaches

The text-mode interactive (script) register.

Such script could be used with all installabe SS and located in root when there is no installation process. This script should register users in global inventory by itself our with usage of browser. Also service tags registration could be implemented in it.

For versions which don't have any insllation process there is no convenient way to make registration with interaction for 2 reasons:

  • The user name should be given
  • No possiblity to mark registered version.

The non-interactive (native) register.

The library which could be used from any SS component like active counting. Probably should be integrated with it. For registration it could just try to open default browser window if user was not registred. (Should be discussed ...)

The UI interactive (java) register.

Could be used in Installer & IDE. It provide all capabilities. Probably not needed.

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