Netbeans 6 - Configure which editor (representative class) for new type extension

by Jimmy Halim

A friend who is using Netbeans 6 asked how to configure Netbeans so it’ll open his start.tml as an html file, not just as ordinary text file (so the editor will full with color I assume, not just black text :p)

I didn’t ask why he was using .tml not just .html :) but I told him that he can configure Netbeans 6 with:

  1. Choose Tools - Options
  2. Click on ‘Advanced Options’ button (on bottom left)
  3. Open the tree : ‘IDE Configuration’ - ‘System’ - ‘Object Types’
  4. Find ‘HTML Objects’
  5. Add extension tml to ‘Extension and MIME Types’ property
  6. Close

Now every time you double click a .tml file it’ll call the HTML object's representative class :)

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