Component.xml Improvement

  • We will continue to use component.xml and avoid adding additional tag to WADL as it would give us more flexibility, and also we might get WADL directly from a runtime.
  • ExistingComponentRegistration

Functionality of Component.xml:

Specifying information for customized components, augment or filter information from WSDL or WADL.

  1. Hide resources, methods, operations or optional parameters that are irrelevant to consuming apps.
  2. Redress abnormality in SAAS REST services where service invocation is through single dispatching resource with different query parameter value for method name.
  3. Documentation or links to provider API documentation page
  4. Automatic filling in default parameters that are not available in WSDL or WADL, including developer sandbox authentication.
  5. Generation of supporting template classes
  6. Additional jars to add to project classpath
  7. Service customization or choreography
  8. Grouping information
  9. constraint on consumer types (java, JSR-311, JSF, javascript...) for customed component
  10. Internationalization (in IDE)

User-view as Controlled by component.xml and layer.xml:

  1. Shows all services, port types and operations for plain WSDL (WSDL without any associated component.xml)
  2. Shows all resources, subresources and their methods for plain WADL, reusing icons from RESTful Web Service nodes in project explorer
  3. If component.xml's exists show component directly without hierarchy below WSDL or WADL node
  4. Customed component will be show as stand-alone without associated WSDL or WADL

Sample SAAS

Sample Component.xml files"

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