Communication Between JFrame Panels

by Joseph B. Cotton

I have two JFrames in my NetBeans application. On Frame A is a text box, and in Frame B is a button. I wish to push the button on B and have a message placed in the text box in A, (and visa versa).

To do this, I set a couple of static variables in my Main class to hold pointers to the FrameA and FrameB class instances. I opened FrameA in Main, and Opened FrameB in A. I set the static pointer to B in its constructor. Once the static pointers were set, I was able to call class methods from one to the other. Alternatively, I could set the JFrameA global pointer in the Frame A constructor, also.

Main has the two global variables

Frame A creates Frame B and also can execute a method in frame B (sets text in a text box)

In its constructor, Frame B sends its own identity up to the global variable. This allows Frame A to execute Frame B methods. Also here in FrameB, execute method in FrameA.

An alternative, that may be better for all but the simplest applications, is using the publish/subscribe design pattern, see The EventBus. With publish/subscribe, the button's action can call EventBus.publish("MessageForTextBox", textBox.getText()), and Frame B can call EventBus.subscribe("MessageForTextBox", subscriber) and the subscriber's onEvent method puts up the message box. Pub/sub avoids the coupling of the frames and the coordination between them (such as when they close). In Netbeans RCP, the Lookup API is a similar alternative.

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