How to set up a private server for NetBeans Developer Collaboration

NetBeans Developer Collaboration modules use XMPP protocol for communication with the server, but expect some server features for proper interoperability. We have ensured and tested the communication with the latest OpenFire XMPP server and here is a guide for installing OpenFire to work properly with developer collaboration:

1. Installation

Unix instructions:

  • Download the installation archive from
  • NetBeans IDE 6.5 and 6.1 were successfully tested with the latest version 3.6.3. At the time of its release NetBeans IDE 6.0 was tested with version 3.3.0. Older versions will not work, there was an important bugfix in search implementation introduced in 3.3.0.
  • become root (su or sudo bash)
  • mkdir /opt; cd /opt
  • tar zxf openfire_3_6_3.tar.gz
  • openfire/bin/openfire start
  • or
  • install from a package, e.g. on Debian/Ubuntu do dpkg -i ./openfire_3.6.3_all.deb

Windows and MacOS instructions:

No specific instructions available. Just install the server.

2. Simple Setup

  • Point your browser to http://localhost:9090 (verify you have no proxy for localhost)
  • Choose your language
  • Set domain (the same as hostname), avoid changing the "Domain" field to IP address!
  • Use embedded database
  • Store Profile in wildfire database (or you can connect to company LDAP instead)
  • Set admin contact, password
  • Push "Login to the admin console", type admin/password and push "Login"
  • Switch from "Server" to "Plugins" view, push "Available Plugins" link and Install "Search" plugin (it should be already automatically installed and activated on Windows)
  • Switch from "Plugins" to "Group Chat" view, click on the link conversation.$COMPUTER_NAME
  • Click on "Delete Service" link and then push "Destroy Service"
  • Now we need to create new service instead of the deleted one
  • Push "Create New Service" link on the left side and fill in the field named "Group chat service name" (avoid using the word "conference"!)
  • Push "Save Properties"
  • Go to the system console and type "/etc/init.d/openfire restart"

3. NetBeans collaboration specific steps:

You can't create persistent (named) chatrooms using NetBeans collab client, so if you need any, use following steps:

  • set name and descriptions
  • broadcast presence for: check all options if not checked
  • don't set password
  • Show real JIDs to: Anyone
  • check "Allow Occupants to invite Others"

4. Known Problems

  • Under "Server" click on "Server Settings" and then "Offline Messages". Choose "bounce" or "drop" (depending on preference) and click "Save Settings".

Valid for NetBeans IDE 6.5 or lower. For NetBeans IDE 6.7 or higher, see

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