Authors: Jaromir Uhrik, Tomas Musil
Date: 2009/01/15

Public Openfire server

We have been testing the communication of NetBeans Collaboration plugin with (provided by the owner of Openfire server). The jabber server is available for free and we didn't meet any problem during the testing with NetBeans 6.5, NetBeans 6.1 (unfortunately there are troubles with NetBeans 6.0). Following functionality was checked and is basically working in NetBeans 6.5 and NetBeans 6.1:

  • register user and login user
  • search for a user and add to contact list
  • chat with users
  • share projects, edit project files in collaborative way

Openfire server setup

Installation on Ubuntu 8.0.4

Following steps are necessary to assure that the installed Openfire 3.6.3 server is working properly with NetBeans IDE:

  • Download debian package at
  • Run the following command in system console "sudo dpkg -i ./openfire_3.6.3_all.deb"
  • In firefox go to http://localhost:9090
  • In step1(Language Selection) of the wizard select "English" and push "Continue" button
  • In step2(Server Settings) of the wizard leave defaults (avoid changing the "Domain" field to ip-address!) and push "Continue" button
  • In step3(Database Settings) of the wizard select "Embedded Database" radio button and push "Continue" button
  • In step4(Profile Settings) of the wizard select "Default" radio button and push "Continue" button
  • In step5(Admin Account) of the wizard set up "New Password", "Confirm Password" and push "Continue" button
  • Push "Login to the admin console" button and type admin/password from step5 and push "Login" button
  • Switch from "Server" to "Plugins" view, push "Available Plugins" link and Install "Search" plugin
  • Switch from "Plugins" to "Group Chat" view, click on the link conversation.$COMPUTER_NAME
  • Click on "Delete Service" link and then push "Destroy Service" button
  • Now we need to create new service instead of the deleted one
  • Push "Create New Service" link on the left side and fill in the field named "Group chat service name" (avoid using the word "conference"!)
  • Push "Save Properties" button
  • Go to the system console and type "/etc/init.d/openfire restart"

Installation on Windows

Steps on Windows platform are similar to those for Ubuntu with the following exception:

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