Whiteboard Status Keywords

Below is a list of Issuezilla "Status Whiteboard" keywords for the detailed classification of issues.

Code Model Subcomponents

Subcomponent Keyword
Model API api
Model API implementation impl
Hyperlink hyperlink
Thread synchronization issues sync
APT (Abstract Preprocessor Tree) – lexer and preprocessor apt
Parser Grammar grammar
Repository (aka persistence) as such repository
Repository (aka persistence) Client - code that works with repository repository_client
C++ Templates processing templates
Resolver (a class that is responsible for determing, what the given name in the given context refers to) resolver
Working with incorrect (incompilable) code recovery
Consistency with NB consistency
Other other

Code Model Clients

Subcomponent Keyword
Code Completion completion
Class View - Model classview_model
Class View - UI classview_ui
Class View - other classview_other
Discovery UI discovery_ui
Discovery Logic discovery_logic
Call Graph callgraph
Quick navigator quicknav
Navigator navigator
Code Folding folding
Go to Declaration goto_decl
Formatting formatting
Error Highlighting error_hl
Semantic Highlighting semantic_hl


Below is a list of keywords that are not related to the particular component

Subcomponent Keyword
Code model accuracy model_accuracy
Open Solaris Explorer (Pomona project) pomona
Sample projects samples
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