C/C++ Refactoring


Full Demo (big size flash)

Plans for Netbeans 6.0

  • Prototype Find Usages functionality
  • Done
  • Prototype Rename functionality
  • Done
  • Publish Experimental Refactoring module as plug-in to Netbeans 6.0

Find Usages

  • Look for classes, variables, functions, #include directives, derived classes, ...
  • Output Results are the same as in Netbeans for Java and support both kind of grouping: logical/physical

Rename (Ctrl-R)

  • Activated by Ctrl-R on object in editor or from editor's context menu Refactoring->Rename
  • Rename of all objects supported by Find Usages are done
  • When class/constructor/destructor is renamed then all instances of class+constructors+destructors are renamed
  • Rename of element which declaration is in read-only files is prohibited and reported to user
  • Refactoring Preview is supported and the same as in Netbeans for Java.
  • Support both kind of grouping: logical/physical
  • in-place diff of results
  • possibility to exclude renamed references
  • Refactoring->Undo (Rename) is supported in context menu of editor

Instant Rename (Ctrl-R on local variable)

  • When caret is placed in editor inside declaration or usage of local variable then pressing Ctrl-R cause instant rename of local variable

Instant Rename Feature Demo

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