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  • Annotate lines with the profiling information right in the editor
  • Main window should contain plain list of hostpots and call tree
  • There should be possibility to jump to the source from the main window


  • Function
  • String getProperty(String name)
  • Collection getCallers()
  • Collection getCallees()
  • Call
  • String getProperty(String name)
  • Function getFunction() // returns a function which is described in the call

Properties may be: time, self time or any other custom properties.

Profiler API ideas

  • Should be flexible enough to handle various profilers (gprof, collect, java profiler etc.)
  • Provider should provide functions(lines, dis) properties and dependencies (see ui api)
  • framework should have a number of utility methods (compile project with extra flag, run project with collector, run extra tool to prepare data after run is finished) - depends on language

Profiler API

  • Mode[[ | ]] getAvailableModes() // returns a list of profiling modes (cpu, memory, counters, custom)
  • run(Mode[[ | ]] modes, Bag results) // starts profiling with specified mode(s) and filling results bag with profiling results, bag is notified about profiling status
  • stop // stops the profiling

implementation will depend on Project system (native or java or any other)

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