C/C++ Error Highlighting User View


Any user that modifies the code.

Issue the feature solves

Early syntax and semantic error discovery.


  • User adds new code or edits existing code. He/she would like to be notified about the errors as soon as possible.
  • User adds an existing file to the project or moves a file to the different location within the project, or changes project or file properties.

He/she would like to be notified about the errors as soon as possible.

Possible kinds of errors

  • Syntax errors as such:
    (Most likely this is the most popular errors - but this is surely just a speculation)
  • Missing ";"
  • Disbalanced braces or curly braces
  • Other
  • Unresolved symbols
  • Wrong access (say, to private field)

Feature specification

User model follows Netbeans Java one

Errors are highlighted as follows (see the picture below):

  • The line that contains an error is underlined red
  • Annotation is showed in the gliph area (i.e. area to the left of the editing area)
  • Error is marked in the error stripe area (i.e. area to the right of the editing area)
  • Error description appears in tool tip

When does error highlighting appear

  • As soon as user opens a file (after a small timeout)
  • As soon as user edits a file (after a small timeout)


  • We limit error highlighting to the active preprocessor branches only.
  • We don't claim to provide all errors (so error highlighting can highlight nothing, but the file still can't compile)
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