C/C++ Error Highlighting Risks and Dependencies


The feature is risky. There is a possibility that due to inaccuracy errors we won't be able to release it in 6.5. See the risks classification below.

Adequate messages

It's unclear how to get understandable messages from ANTLR. Now the only message is "unexpected token <token-name>"

Getting more clear messages needs ANTLR investigation. Probably we'll end up with these "unexpected token" or just "syntax error".

Risk of inaccuracy

There is a risk of inaccurcay. The reasons are

  • Lack of language model accuracy:
  • Errors in grammar. Our grammar still fails from time to time on code that compiles ok.
  • Not reparsing header files. Sometimes (infrequently) a single header produces different results due to different preprocessor context
  • Code model relies on the assumption that any file contains complete constructs: in the case like class A { #include "" }; we fail.
  • Makefile-based projects that aren't configured well enough will produce false positive,


The feature has a strong dependency on the language model accuracy. Lack of language model accuracy may lead to error highlighting inaccuracy.

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