C/C++ Distributed Development


Dev: Gordon Prieur (GP, NB nick: gordonp), Sergeu Grinev (SG, NB nick: sergius), Vladimir Kvashin (VK; NB nick: vkvashin)

QA: Alexandr Alexandrov (NB nick: alexandrov)

Leads: Gordon Prieur, Vladimir Kvashin


Allow running IDE on a user desktop (Windows or Linux), but compile, run and debug on a server of another architecture (Solaris Sparc, Solaris x86, or Linux).

User View

Please note, that the user view was written in the assumption we do deal with synchronization; so it should be changed as we agreed we don't do this at leas in the first release

Link to the user view expected in NetBeans 6.5
Link to the obsolete user view used in the prototype


  • We will rely on a networked file system which shows the project folder on both the client and server
  • Setup to run remotely should be simple and not require significant effort on the users part. A goal would be a normal NetBeans C/C++ installation being sufficient
  • Remote operations must be as close to identical to local operations as is possible. If a user can do something locally, it should be extremely simple to do the same thing remotely
  • The UI is kept as minimal as possible and the workflow as similar to normal (ie, local) development as possible

Reference Platform

  • client: Windows XP SP2
  • Server: Solaris 10 x86



Test Plan

TestCases are here

To fill testcases with the exact scenarios for the implemented to milestone features. Immediate manual testing with the proposed testscenarious is assumed as soon as features will appear. Hope to have for it 3 days before every milestone. The resulted IZ's will appear in the link to the Test Results page


Milestone Date Content
RD0 6/13/2008 Planning, Transport API, User View, Test Plan
RD1 6/27/2008 Basic run, build, edit (with preliminary code assistance)
RD2 7/13/2008 Path conversion, Show servers in Services tab, more complete build and edit, and basic debugging
RD3 8/17/2008 UI and feature complete

Risks and dependencies

  • Must pass Sun security review
  • NetBeans ships with JSch 0.28 (a fairly old version). We need to determine if this is good enough for us, or to work with NetBeans and upgrade to a recent release of JSch

Status and test results

RD0 is in process

Link to the test results

Design secifications

Design spec

Unit tests



Status Whiteboard keyword: distributed

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Main feature IZ: 136323

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