Chrome Extension from Web Store

The NetBeans Connector Chrome Extension will be installed in one of the two following ways:

  • For Development and Beta builds of NetBeans, user will be asked to manually drag and drop the extension to Chrome's extensions page
  • For Release Candidate and FCS builds of NetBeans (including NetBeans 7.3 final release), the extension is published in the Chrome Web Store, and the IDE directs the user to the extension page in Chrome Web Store to install it

It is possible to try the RC/FCS approach even in the Development builds as follows:

  • Open <netbeans_installation>/etc/netbeans.conf in a text editor
  • In the netbeans_default_options property, delete -J-Dnetbeans.extbrowser.manual_chrome_plugin_install=yes
  • Uninstall the NetBeans Connector extension from Chrome's Extensions page
  • After running a HTML5 Application, you will see a dialog alerting about the need to install the extension from the Web Store. On accepting, you will be taken the the Web Store to the extension's URL:
  • Install the extension using the Add to Chrome button
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