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The features(integration etc) provided by NetBeans is excellent to do check outs. Be it CVS or SVN.Out of curiosity I decided to check out a special project hosted on It is Aerith.

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Things that you need

You must have the following software installed:

Things to be done

Install JOGL by unjarring the jogl-natives(your platform).jar file. It should create several native libraries. Put the native libs in your library path(/usr/lib/ in linux) and the jogl.jar in your classpath.

Checking out SwingX

Now you need to check out the source code for swingx . For this to happen you need to create an account on Open NetBeans, go to Versioning->CVS->Checkout as shown, File:1_CheckoutJavaDotNetProjects.png

Now, enter the name of the module. File:2_CheckoutJavaDotNetProjects.png

Click Finish. You will see the source code being downloaded to the above mentioned directory. File:3_CheckoutJavaDotNetProjects.jpg

Checking out Aerith

Now you need to download the code for Aerith project from SVN. To check whether svn is installed or not on linux type svn in console. You need to download the rpm package or the source code to install it otherwise. You will get further information about SVN on linux here. Download and instaalation instructions are here. I just did apt-get install svn (I use kububtu Hardy Heron).

Check out the version of svn by issuing svn --version command. NetBeans needs another svn client to be installed on your system. NetBeans 6.1 supports versions > 1.3. The clients which I know are kdesvn and rapidsvn for linux. After you install a svn client you need to provide the installation path of these clients to NetBeans. By default it is /usr/lib/ on linux. Go to Versioning->Subversion->Checkout. It'll ask you to enter the path. If it is proper you should see a window similar to this.


Input the proper Repository URL and click Next, File:5_CheckoutJavaDotNetProjects.jpg

If you are not sure about the repository folder click Browse button. Browse the repository for folder containing the proper source code and click Finish. File:6_CheckoutJavaDotNetProjects.jpg

Resolving Dependencies

Now that the checking out is over , you need to resolve certain dependencies. Open the project you checked out. Right click on the project and go to Resolve Reference Problems. Click on resolve to locate the required jar libraries on your system. Now you need to tell Netbeans where your jogl.jar is. Right click on Libraries under your project tree. Then click on Add JAR/Folders and locate the relevant jar file. Now build the project. If you get errors, browse to the error location and try to remove all unused imports. Rebuild the project and run. You must be able to see beautiful Aerith window like this. Enter your Flickr Username and enjoy. If your Username is invalid you may end up in getting Exceptions. File:7_CheckoutJavaDotNetProjects.PNG

Few more screenshots. File:8_CheckoutJavaDotNetProjects.PNG


It is a Filthy Rich Client Application.

Version Compatibility

NetBeans 6.0 and above

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