COutNBSources 6


  • A single project (set of related files) managed by CVS is called a module. A CVS server stores the modules it manages in its repository.
  • Acquiring a copy of a module is called checking out . The checked out files serve as a working copy, sandbox or workspace.
Steps To Follow
The following image refers to the recently discussed post on NetBeans Google Group.
For more information, go directly to the section "Role of nbbuild/build.xml" on this page.

File:Running checkout Target from NB 6.0

Also, Refer to Faqs On Using CVS for NetBeans IDE.

Setting up "nbbuild" folder

First of all, make a folder named nb_all or NetBeans_proj (refer image) or any name you feel like, anywhere in your computer.

Method 1
1. First of all, download the from the enclosed attachments on this page.
2. Now, extract the zip folder using Winzip or Winrar, into the above made folder.

Method 2
1. Open NetBeans IDE, click on Versioning Menu, select CVS ---> Checkout...
2. Enter values as shown in the image, anoncvs stands for anonymous user, leave the Password field empty.
3. If you have your NetBeans account, then enter your username in place of anoncvs and password in the empty field.


One can choose any directory, C:\nb_all not mandatory.
But, select module as nbbuild only.


4. Now, create a file inside nbbuild folder, and add following content in it.
nb.clusters.list=nb.cluster.nb ,nb.cluster.platform,nb.cluster.ide,nb.
5. Verify whether values of nb.clusters.list are in sync with the one present in file in nbbuild folder.
6. If this method doesn't work out, then follow Method 1.

Role Of nbbuild/build.xml

Steps to open "nbbuild" project
1. Open NetBeans 6.0, open Project, browse and locate nbbuild folder.
2. Open the project node in Project Tab on Left Tabbed Pane in NetBeans, double-click build.xml


Steps to Checkout
1. Press Ctrl-F and Search for target name="checkout".


2. Now right-click the XML tag and select "Checkout" option, the checkout process begins. As you can see there's an option "Check new XML" its because, during the checkout process, nbbuild/build.xml got updated, and "Checkout" option got removed from it.


3. Minimize the NetBeans IDE and relax, come back after few hours, to play with your working copy of NetBeans source-code. Then, build it and modify as per your needs.

Bootstrapping NetBeans-specific Ant extensions...


selectedmodules=[ide/branding, ide/branding/kit, ide/launcher/upgrade, 
ide/updatecenters, ide/welcome, logger/uihandler, logger/uihandlerlib, 
logger/uihandlerreporter, autoupdate/services, autoupdate/ui, core, 

Bootstrapping NetBeans-specific Ant extensions...


selectedmodules=[ide/branding, ide/branding/kit, ide/launcher/upgrade, ide/updatecenters, 
ide/welcome, logger/uihandler, logger/uihandlerlib, logger/uihandlerreporter, 
autoupdate/services, autoupdate/ui, core, core/applemenu, core/bootstrap, core/execution, 
core/favorites, core/javahelp, core/kit, core/multiview, core/options, core/options/keymap, 
core/output2, core/progress, core/progressui, core/sendopts, core/settings, core/startup, 
core/swing/plaf, core/swing/tabcontrol, core/ui, core/windows, editor/mimelookup, 
editor/mimelookup/impl, graph/lib, libs/jsr223, libs/swing-layout, openide/actions, 
openide/awt, openide/compat, openide/dialogs, openide/execution, openide/explorer, 
openide/fs, openide/io, openide/loaders, openide/masterfs, openide/modules, 
openide/nodes, openide/options, openide/templates, openide/text, openide/util, 
openide/util/enum, openide/windows, projects/queries, ant/project, apisupport/timers, 
classfile, core/ide, core/navigator, core/palette, core/swing/dirchooser, core/tasklist/api, 
core/tasklist/kit, core/tasklist/todo, core/tasklist/ui, db, db/core, db/dbapi, db/drivers, 
db/kit, db/sqleditor, db/visualsqleditor, debuggercore, debuggercore/api, 
debuggercore/viewmodel, diff, editor, editor/bookmarks, editor/bracesmatching, 
editor/codetemplates, editor/completion, editor/errorstripe, editor/errorstripe/api, 
editor/fold, editor/guards, editor/hints, editor/hints/highlights, editor/indent, editor/kit, 
editor/lib, editor/lib2, editor/options, editor/plain, editor/plain/lib, editor/settings, 
editor/settings/storage, editor/util, extbrowser, html, html/editor, html/editor/lib, 
html/lexer, httpserver, httpserver/servletapi, ide/defaults, ide/kit, image, 
javacvs/cvsmodule, javacvs/libmodule, languages/css, languages/diff, languages/engine, 
languages/manifest, lexer, lexer/editorbridge, lexer/nbbridge, libs/commons_logging, 
libs/freemarker, libs/jsch, libs/lucene, libs/resolver, libs/xerces, openidex, 
performance/insanelibmodule, projects/libraries, projects/projectapi, projects/projectui, 
projects/projectuiapi, projects/tasklist, properties, properties/syntax, refactoring/api, 
schema2beans/rt, scripting/bat, scripting/javascript, scripting/sh, subversion/client, 
subversion/ini4j, subversion/main, usersguide, utilities, utilities/jumpto, utilities/gototest, 
utilities/project, versioncontrol, versioncontrol/localhistory, versioncontrol/util, web/css, 
web/libs/flyingsaucer, xml/api, xml/axi, xml/catalog, xml/core, xml/lexer, xml/multiview, 
xml/retriever, xml/schema/api, xml/schema/completion, xml/tageditorsupport, xml/tax, 
xml/text-edit, xml/tools, xml/wsdl/api, xml/xam, xml/xdm, xml/xsl, apisupport/harness, ant, 
ant/browsetask, ant/debugger, ant/freeform, ant/grammar, ant/kit, beans, db/derby, 
db/model, debuggerjpda, debuggerjpda/ant, debuggerjpda/api, debuggerjpda/projects, 
debuggerjpda/ui, form, form/j2ee, form/kit, form/swingapp, i18n, i18n/form, 
j2ee/core/utilities, j2ee/metadata, j2ee/metadata/support, j2ee/persistence, 
j2ee/persistence/kit, j2ee/persistence/refactoring, j2ee/persistence/verification, 
j2ee/persistenceapi, j2ee/toplinklib, java/api, java/editor, java/editor/lib, java/freeform, 
java/guards, java/helpset, java/hints, java/j2seplatform, java/j2seproject, java/kit, 
java/lexer, java/navigation, java/platform, java/project, java/source, java/source/debug, 
java/source/javacapi, java/source/javacimpl, java/source/preprocessorbridge, java/sourceui, 
javadoc, javawebstart, javawebstart/signtask, junit, refactoring/java, 
usersguide/j2seexamples, websvc/jaxws21/jaxws21api, websvc/jaxws21, websvc/serviceapi, 
apisupport/ant, apisupport/kit, apisupport/project, apisupport/refactoring, 
apisupport/samples/PaintApp-sample-ui, apisupport/samples/feedreader-sample-ui, 
xml/catalogsupport, xml/jxpath, xml/kit, xml/nbprefuse, xml/prefuse, xml/refactoring, 
xml/schema, xml/schema/abe, xml/schema/refactoring, xml/schema/schemaui, xml/search, 
xml/validation, xml/wsdl/kit, xml/wsdl/refactoring, xml/wsdlbindingsupport, 
xml/wsdlbindingsupport/api, xml/wsdlext, xml/wsdlextui, xml/wsdlui, xml/xamui, xml/xpath, 
j2ee/archiveproject, j2ee/clientproject, j2ee/ddapi, j2ee/ddloaders, j2ee/debug, 
j2ee/earproject, j2ee/ejbapi, j2ee/ejbcore, j2ee/ejbjarproject, j2ee/ejbrefactoring, 
j2ee/ejbverification, j2ee/genericserver, j2ee/kit, j2ee/platform, j2ee/samples, 
j2ee/utilities, j2eeserver, j2eeserver/ant, j2eeserver/j2eeapis, monitor, serverplugins/jboss4, 
serverplugins/sun/appsrv, serverplugins/sun/appsrv81, serverplugins/sun/sunddapi, 
serverplugins/sun/sunddui, serverplugins/weblogic9, tomcatint/tomcat5, web/core, 
web/el/lexer, web/examples, web/freeform, web/jsf, web/jsf/kit, web/jsf/navigation, 
web/jspdebug, web/jspparser, web/jspsyntax, web/jspsyntax/lexer, web/kit, 
web/libs/commons_fileupload, web/libs/glassfish_logging, web/libs/jsf-1_2, web/libs/jsf-1_2-
ri, web/libs/jstl11, web/libs/servletjspapi, web/project, web/refactoring, web/struts, 
web/webapi, websvc/clientapi, websvc/core, websvc/customization, websvc/design, 
websvc/editorhints, websvc/jaxwsapi, websvc/jaxwsmodel, websvc/kit, websvc/manager, 
websvc/components/strikeiron, websvc/utilities, websvc/websvcapi, websvc/websvcddapi, 
websvc/wsitconf, websvc/wsitmodelext, websvc/examples, debuggerjpda/profiler/heapwalk, 
profiler/libs/common, profiler/libs/jfluid, profiler/libs/jfluid-ui, profiler/modules/freeform, 
profiler/modules/j2ee, profiler/modules/j2ee-jboss, profiler/modules/j2ee-sunas, 
profiler/modules/j2ee-tomcat, profiler/modules/j2ee-weblogic, profiler/modules/j2se, 
profiler/modules/main, profiler/modules/nbmodule]

cvsmodules=[ant, apisupport, autoupdate, beans, classfile, core, db, debuggercore, 
debuggerjpda, diff, editor, extbrowser, form, graph, html, httpserver, i18n, ide, image, j2ee, 
j2eeserver, java, javacvs, javadoc, javawebstart, junit, languages, lexer, libs, logger, monitor, 
nbbuild, openide, openidex, performance, profiler, projects, properties, refactoring, 
schema2beans, scripting, serverplugins, subversion, tomcatint, usersguide, utilities, 
versioncontrol, web, websvc, xml]

D:\N_vArUn\JIIT_Projects\Proj_On_OSS\NetBeans_proj\nbbuild\CVS\Tag doesn't exist
D:\N_vArUn\JIIT_Projects\Proj_On_OSS\NetBeans_proj\nbbuild\CVS\Tag doesn't exist

Processing module: ant
U ant/.cvsignore
U ant/apichanges.xml
U ant/arch.xml
U ant/build.xml
more files…

Processed  module: ant (417s)
Processing module: apisupport
U apisupport/ant/.cvsignore
U apisupport/ant/arch.xml
U apisupport/ant/build.xml
more files…


Processed  module: autoupdate (177s) Processing module: beans
U beans/.cvsignore
U beans/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: beans (29s)
Processing module: classfile
U classfile/.cvsignore
U classfile/apichanges.xml
U classfile/arch.xml
U classfile/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: classfile (19s)
Processing module: core
U core/.cvsignore
U core/arch.xml
U core/build.xml
more files…

Processed  module: core (743s)
Processing module: db
U db/.cvsignore
U db/apichanges.xml
U db/arch.xml
U db/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: db (1859s)
Processing module: debuggercore
U debuggercore/.cvsignore
U debuggercore/arch.xml
U debuggercore/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: debuggercore (527s)
Processing module: debuggerjpda
U debuggerjpda/.cvsignore
U debuggerjpda/arch.xml
U debuggerjpda/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: debuggerjpda (116s)
Processing module: diff
U diff/.cvsignore
U diff/apichanges.xml
U diff/arch.xml
U diff/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: diff (56s)
Processing module: editor
U editor/.cvsignore
U editor/apichanges.xml
U editor/arch.xml
U editor/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: editor (445s)
Processing module: extbrowser
U extbrowser/.cvsignore
U extbrowser/arch.xml
U extbrowser/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: extbrowser (21s)
Processing module: form
U form/.cvsignore
U form/arch.xml
U form/build.xml
more files…

Processed  module: form (304s)
Processing module: graph
U graph/examples/.cvsignore
U graph/examples/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: graph (228s)
Processing module: html
U html/.cvsignore
U html/arch.xml
U html/build.xml
more files…

Processed  module: html (132s)
Processing module: httpserver
U httpserver/.cvsignore
U httpserver/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: httpserver (568s)
Processing module: i18n
U i18n/.cvsignore
U i18n/arch.xml
U i18n/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: i18n (70s)
Processing module: ide
U ide/.cvsignore
U ide/bluejl10n.list
U ide/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: ide (419s)
Processing module: image
U image/.cvsignore
U image/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: image (14s)
Processing module: j2ee
U j2ee/.cvsignore
U j2ee/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: j2ee (2643s)
Processing module: j2eeserver
U j2eeserver/.cvsignore
U j2eeserver/apichanges.xml
U j2eeserver/arch.xml
U j2eeserver/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: j2eeserver (61s)
Processing module: java
U java/.cvsignore
U java/api/.cvsignore
U java/api/apichanges.xml
U java/api/arch.xml
U java/api/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: java (680s)
Processing module: javacvs
U javacvs/.cvsignore
U javacvs/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: javacvs (156s)
Processing module: javadoc
U javadoc/.cvsignore
U javadoc/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: javadoc (46s)
Processing module: javawebstart
U javawebstart/.cvsignore
U javawebstart/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: javawebstart (22s)
Processing module: junit
U junit/.cvsignore
U junit/apichanges.xml
U junit/arch.xml
U junit/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: junit (104s)
Processing module: languages
U languages/beta/.cvsignore
U languages/beta/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: languages (76s)
Processing module: lexer
U lexer/.cvsignore
U lexer/apichanges.xml
U lexer/arch.xml
U lexer/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: lexer (74s)
Processing module: libs
U libs/commons_lang/.cvsignore
U libs/commons_lang/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: libs (400s)
Processing module: logger
U logger/.cvsignore more files…

Processed  module: logger (367s)
Processing module: monitor
U monitor/.cvsignore
U monitor/build.xml more files…

Processed  module: monitor (836s)
Processing module: nbbuild
U nbbuild/
U nbbuild/
more files…

Processed  module: nbbuild (53s)
Processing module: openide
U openide/.cvsignore
U openide/build.xml 
more files…

Processed  module: openide (658s)
Processing module: openidex
U openidex/.cvsignore
U openidex/apichanges.xml
U openidex/arch.xml
U openidex/build.xml 
more files…

Processed  module: openidex (34s)
Processing module: performance
U performance/.cvsignore
U performance/build.xml 
more files…

Processed  module: performance (279s)
Processing module: profiler
U profiler/l10n.list
U profiler/libs/common/.cvsignore
U profiler/libs/common/build.xml 
more files…

Processed  module: profiler (408s)
Processing module: projects
U projects/libraries/.cvsignore
U projects/libraries/apichanges.xml
U projects/libraries/arch.xml
U projects/libraries/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: projects (219s)
Processing module: properties
U properties/.cvsignore
U properties/arch.xml
U properties/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: properties (41s)
Processing module: refactoring
U refactoring/.cvsignore
U refactoring/api/.cvsignore
U refactoring/api/apichanges.xml
U refactoring/api/arch.xml
U refactoring/api/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: refactoring (120s)
Processing module: schema2beans
U schema2beans/.cvsignore
U schema2beans/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: schema2beans (53s)
Processing module: scripting
U scripting/.cvsignore
U scripting/bat/.cvsignore
U scripting/bat/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: scripting (559s)
Processing module: serverplugins
U serverplugins/.cvsignore
U serverplugins/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: serverplugins (815s)
Processing module: subversion
U subversion/.cvsignore
U subversion/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: subversion (216s)
Processing module: tomcatint
U tomcatint/tomcat5/.cvsignore
U tomcatint/tomcat5/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: tomcatint (761s)
Processing module: usersguide
U usersguide/.cvsignore
U usersguide/build.xml
more files...

Processed  module: usersguide (422s)
Processing module: utilities
U utilities/.cvsignore
U utilities/arch.xml
U utilities/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: utilities (53s)
Processing module: versioncontrol
U versioncontrol/.cvsignore
U versioncontrol/apichanges.xml
U versioncontrol/arch.xml
U versioncontrol/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: versioncontrol (107s)
Processing module: web
U web/.cvsignore
U web/build.xml 
more files...

Processed  module: web (1250s)
Processing module: websvc
U websvc/arch/arch-websvc-websvcddapi.xml
U websvc/axis2/.cvsignore
U websvc/axis2/build.xml
more files...


  • Finally, the checkout process ends.
  • If suppose, net connectivity gets distruped in between...
  • Don't worry! Firstly, stop the process, by clicking on the red square button as shown above.
  • Then, re-run it by clicking on the green double-arrow button just above stop button.
  • What NB does, is that it checks through its list of modules, which are checked out or not.
  • Then, it simultaneously checks whether the checked-out modules are updated one's or not.
  • Finally, the CVS checkout the remaining modules and finish off the process.
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