Platforms: X86 Solaris, Sparc Solaris

NetBeans: NetBeans 6.1 Patch 1

The setup described in "Current Steps to Sreate the OpenSolaris Projects" are for browsing and navigating the ON sources only. The setup doesn't provide enough infrastructure/instructions for building ON components although it works too if you build the ON source first.

The projects in ~/NetBeansProjects/OpenSolarisProjects should all be working as expected:

  • Projects can be opened without (codemodel) errors
  • Projects have no unresolved includes with the exception noted below
  • List of sources in projects are correct
  • All files in project exist (no yellow "!" sign)
  • Source files can be opened without errors
  • All required projects exist and can be opened
  • Required projects are correct. Some project depends on other projects and they should be in the list of required projects.
  • Code model features like code completion, hyperlink navigation, Find Usages, Call Graph etc. should all work as expected.
  • Other project features like Find should also work as expected.

Things to look at for:

  • Hyper link do not work: if definition is not contained in the required projects it is a bug. Do not file bugs about definitions in the assembler files. If definition is contained in the required projects it is a bug against model accuracy. Do not file duplicated bugs.

Known Problems:

  • Not all needed files exist in the distribution so some include files can be unresolved. Hence some projects can have "broken" sign:
  • rpc generated headers are not available. All files that use such headers will have unresolved include directives.
  • gramma generated headers and sources are not available. Project generator does not include inexistent source files in project.

NOTE: code completion only works on writable files so you may want to make the file writable before using code completion.

Here is a few things to try:

  • Start NB 6.1 Patch 1.
  • Open ~/NetBeansProjects/OpenSolarisProjects/cmd/echo project
  • Open Required Projects ('libc')
  • Open echo.c source file
  • Go to line 56
  • Mouse over 'fflush' at line 57 and Ctrl+leftclick mouse. It should take the editor to implementation of 'fflush' in 'libc'!

More than 1000 projects are generated. I'm not suggesting testing all of them, but test a few from each main folder to make sure most types of projects are covered.

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