Command line flags

The following flags passed to NetBeans as ${nbdir}/bin/netbeans -J-Dflag=value

"--" prefixed flags passed as ${nbdir}/bin/netbeans flag value

Flag Description Value example
test.xref.action In the IDE, right click on project then Code Assistance->Trace XRef to see the unresolved elements in the bodies of all project functions + some statistics true
netbeans.system_http_proxy Flag to specify proxy webcache:8080
netbeans.logger.console Print messages in console, not only in log files true Report about failed #include directives true
cnd.modelimpl.timing.per.file.flat Report per-file timing information true
cnd.modelimpl.timing Hight level timing information true
cnd.modelimpl.parser.threads Number of parser's threads, by default number of CPUs 4
cnd.callgraph.showgraph Show graphical part of call graph true
cnd.toolchain.personality.trace Report about known tool chains and verbose tool chain detection true
sun.java2d.pmoffscreen Speed up of graphics on redirected DISPLAY false
cnd.repository.hardrefs Use in-memory repository true
cnd.csm.errors Turn off syntax errors highlighting false
gdb.console.window Turn on GDB console window true
gdb.console.savelog Do not delete GDB logs 'gdb-cmds*" after closing IDE true
--userdir Change user dir /tmp/${USER}/cnd-userdir
-J-XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError Memory monitoring -- && flags

Flag Description Value example
--yprofile Run with attached profiler agent --
--ycpu Run with CPU sampling from the beginning ---
--sdebug Run and wait for debugger to attach ---
--debug Run in debug mode ---

Some environment variables

set up by export VAR=VALUE

Environment Variable Description Value example
DBGPORT Debug port 5959
NBDIST Path to netbeans ${trunk}\nbbuild\netbeans
CNDDIST Path to cnd cluster ${trunk}\nbbuild\netbeans\cnd2
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