C/C++ Error Highlighting


Dev: Vladimir Kvashin (VK; NB nick: vkvashin), Alexey Vladykin (AV; NB nick: alexey_vladykin)

QA: Valery Soldatov (NB nick: soldatov)

Lead: Vladimir Kvashin


Discover and highlight syntax and semantic errors as soon as user opens the file or modifies it.

User View

Link to the user view


  • Two types of errors are implemented:
  • Syntax errors as such
    (i.e. constructs that can not be valid in C/C++ )
    - Disbalanced curly braces
    - Missed semicolons
    - Probably something else
  • Unresolved symbols
  • The inaccuracy is less than (average) 1 error in 10,000 lines of code (With the possible exception of "perverted" code)
  • No P1 or P2 issues.


Projects to measure metrics on: the same set as for accuracy

Metrics definitions

File:///net/ results

Test Plan



Milestone Date Content
M0 Late May Planning, User View, Metrics (definition), Test Plan
M1 Late May Syntax errors detected by the parser are highlighted ("as is" - most likely the quality is low)
M2 Mid June Major issues from M1 solved
M3 Early July Unresolved symbols are highlighted
M4 FCS Quality raised to production level

Risks and dependencies

Link to risks and dependencies doc

Status and test results

M0 done

M1 done

M2 done, with the exception of the fact that since we decided not to display ANTLR-based parser messages as is, there is some work on message filtering left. (This work can be considered as fixing bugs.)

M3 done

Link to the test results

There are 3 groups of issues remaining

  • Inaccuracy isses (caused mostly by the lack of code model accuracy)
  • Filtering issues (filtering out meaningful messages from ANTLR messages)
  • Several usability issues that cause infrastructure changes

Design secifications

Design docs

Unit tests

Some unit tests are planned, but aren't yet implemented.


Status Whiteboard keyword: error_hl

(click on the keyword above to get issues list)

Main feature IZ: 87684

Common code model issues 87684 depends on

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