Editing and formatting


  • Implemented formatter on new lexer.
  • 290 unit formatter/indent tests.
  • Supported formatting styles.
  • Supported formatting of active and not active code.

Not solved problems:

  • Formatter does not take into account macro expansion. If expansion contains key word or not balanced braces or parenthesis the formatting can be wrong.
  • Sometimes algorithm of formating #if-#else-#endif blocks is wrong. Need more clever algorithm. At least algorithm should detect dead branches and does not take it into account.
  • No reliable algorithm to differ unary/binary operators and binary/separators (+,-,*,&,<,>). Need code model support.

Plans for future improvement

  • Persist user defined styles. User view.
  • Detect and preserve style of repeated statement. Users like to wrap equality sign and end line comments.
  • Use code model abstract syntax tree for more accurate formatting.


Formatting active and not active code

#ifdef A
for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++) {

Dead code (technical comments for editor)

#if 0

Binary or part of type?

a * b;

Repeated statements

int A    = 10;      // This is an A
int A20  = 200;     // This is an A20
int A100 = A + A20; // This is an A100

Unbalanced brace in macro

#define FOR(n) for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {


Status Whiteboard keyword: formatting

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