This page is obsolete. For updated instructions see CndTrunkBuildInstructions.

Developing C/C++ Development Pack

This page describes how to check out and build C/C++ Development Pack (aka CND)

Configuring Netbeans Platform for CND

Preparing Netbeans Platform binaries

CND uses Netbeans binaries to be build on it. If NB5.5.1 binaries are not present, they should be prepared by one of the following ways:

    1. #mkdir nb-cvs
    2. #cd nb-cvs
    3. #cvs co -P -rrelease551 stable_nowww
    4. #cd nbbuild
    5. #ant build-nozip
    6. In this case binaries are in nb-cvs/nbbuild/netbeans folder

Configuring NBDEV from IDE

Start IDE and create new Netbeans Platform with name NBDEV using Tools->Netbeans Platform Manager (use Help in Wizard if needed)

Configuring CND

Getting CND

In IDE use built-in client to put your CND sources in ${projects} folder

  1. CVS->Checkout...
  2. Enter CVS Root (could be in this case leave empty password).
  3. Next
  4. in Module field enter cnd
  5. in Branch field enter release551
  6. Specify Local Folder where to put sources (${projects})
  7. Finish
  8. Do not open all checkout projects when asked in dialog

Building CND

  1. Open suite ${projects}/cnd/suite (File->Open Project...)
  2. use Build All from context menu of opened C/C++ Build System

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