User view for Discovery project

Added new first step in New Project wizard C/C++ Project From Existing Code.

First step Select Mode


Build Tool step of custom mode

Added Clean and Build after Finish check box File:wizard2_CND70DiscoveryUserView.png

Code Assistance Configuration step of advanced mode


Follow-up dialog

File:file_menu_CND70DiscoveryUserView.png File:import_menu_CND70DiscoveryUserView.PNG


  • We also need a follow-up window which will be shown after full project preparation. It will show the status of the project and (maybe) ask user about further actions required for better results i.e. project parsing (if user decided not to do that before)
  • Follow-up window may be implemented in a balloon window in the NB notification window (see updates notification)
  • We may keep "project location" related fields (see attached Screenshot-2_CND70DiscoveryUserView.png), maybe on a separate wizard step
  • Field "Configure Flags" visible if project folder contains file configure and does not contain file Makefile (or makefile) I.e. project was not configured.
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