Refactor Code Completion and Model Implementation

Classes to remove:

  • To be replaced by Symbol Table
  • Resolver3
  • CompletionResolver
  • FileElementsCollector
  • ProjectContentResolver
  • CsmFinder
  • CsmUsingResolver
  • To be replaced by Expression Evaluator
  • CompletionTokenProcessor
  • CompletionExpression

Classes to refactor:

  • CsmSyntaxSuppot
  • Context
  • CsmContext
  • CsmDeclarationResolver
  • CsmOffsetResolver
  • StatementResolver
  • CsmCompletionQuery

Classes to implement:

  • New CompletionResolver based resolver1 (Symbol Table) for ID resolving based on name and context
  • New CompletionResolver based resolver2 (Expression Evaluator) for ID resolving based on name, expression text and context

Expression Evaluator

Unified parser API

Symbol Table

Different objects can have the same name (class and variable). Symbol Table should recognize the right ID or return all possible variants. ID recognition could be based on it's type too.

Model Issues

List of issues for test projects is available

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