Compatibility Kit


  • Dev: To be defined
  • Lead: Maria Tishkova (MT; NB nick: mromashova)


Implement the suite to check the eternal tools which are used in the CND/SunStudio IDE . The list of tools to be checked: ! C compiler options (SunStudio, gcc) used in the predefined configurations ! C++ compiler options (SunStudio, g++) used in the predefined configurations ! Fortran compiler options (SunStudio, gfortran) used in the predefined configurations ! GDB mi commands ! DBX communication commands? ! SunStudio Performance Analyzer collect options ! SunStudio Performance Analyzer er_print commands + format output !....<Please add the external tools which are missed>...


Make sure our product will work with the external tool(s) version


Test Plan


Milestone Date Content

Risks and Dependencies

Different interface to communicate with the tools: some are interactive, some are not... Should be run on all supported platforms, with all supported tool versions.

Status and Test Results


Tracker bug: 179919

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