User scenario

1. Keeping in mind the Thread usage indicator

File:CNDObservabilityToolLinixSS CND68ProfilerPlans.png

Suggested screens decsription:

Exisiting Views



NetBeans Profiler


Timeline/Time interval selection:

Meeting Minutes

18 June 2009

We have discussed exiting tools and features we would like to see in so called Threads Map

THA and Timeline/Time Interval Selection will be discussed next time

  1. Threads Map - details to the Thread Usage inidcators
  2. Real-time information - timeline
  3. Similar to YorKit (more states as we have in MSA)
  4. Name thread with the function name it was created in
  5. Call Stacks on the click
  6. Multiple Threads Selection - when click Call Stacks for all selected threads should be opened
  7. Fit To Screen (Zoom In?)
  8. When clicking on the border between 2 different states try to find more appropriate Call Stack
  9. THA info will not be displayed in Threads Map (it is grouped information and cannot be drawn on the Timeline)
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