CND 6.8 Plan

first draft of plan for release 6.8. It comes with a few mottos:

  • "Big small release"
  • "Let's try new things"
  • "Make OpenSolaris/Solaris a priority platform"
  • "Make Sun Studio a priority toolchain"
Category Feature Driver/Voc IZ Lead Team HIE Docs QA
Defining Gizmo: Monitors customization Conversion to Solaris (part of DLight that will help users to create their own toolsets), Cost Saving (parity with SS IDE, helps to merge SS IDE to CND) 167830 MT TP yes yes DN test scenarios
Reduce Code Model Memory Footprint VOC (lower memory requirements to work with huge projects) 162401 VV VV - - AP, DN, performance tests
Remote Fast Synchronization VOC, Conversion to Solaris, Cloud enabler 165633 MT VK - - AP, DN, performance tests test scenarios
Catch up with Sun Studio/DLight feature: project codename is J&B (see Jack and the Beanstalk) Conversion to Solaris & Sun Studio (features unique to Solaris and/or Sun Studio), Cost Saving (parity with SS IDE, helps to merge SS IDE to CND) MT, VV MT, AV, AK, AS very high high
- Thread Analyzer integration 167176, 168146 MT AK, AV, MT very high high VS test scenarios
- TimeLine / Time Interval selection 167174 MT very high all QA test scenarios
- Clock Profiler (Threads Map) 167795, 168093,168076 MT AS very high high DN test scenarios
Target Parallel Adviser + Samples VOB (More tools to enable/encourage multi-threaded programming, important for Systems business) 167301 VV NK yes yes VS test scenarios
DLight: I/O, File System, R/W monitor Conversion to Solaris (Parity with original DLight) 168144, 168145 MT AV yes yes AP test scenarios
DLight: Microstate accounting Conversion to Solaris (Parity with original DLight) 167796, 168143 MT AV, AK yes yes DN
Debugger: gdb-server Adoption, VOC (many users who migrated from Eclipse asked for this functionality, mainly in embedded domain) 156201 VV EU minimal minimal AP test scenarios
Code Model: xRef perfomance Adoption, Competition to Eclipse, VOC (faster Find Usages) 109495 VV AS - - AP, DN, performance tests
DLight: Callers-Callees Conversion to Solaris 164722 MT AK minimal some
Gizmo: performance metrics attributed to lines Parity with SS IDE, Conversion to Sun Studio (exposing an unique feature of SS) 167797 MT TP yes some all QA test scenarios

Postponed items:

MySQL: development support VV AV (?) maybe maybe
DLight: MySQL monitor MT MT (?) yes yes
Debugger: return values + selective step in 171280 VV EU some some
DLight: filtering MT ? yes yes
Editor: Multiple HyperLinks Adoption, VOC 167975 VV VK - minimal
DBX integration (high risk due to ext. deps) Conversion to Sun Studio (helps to enable DBX support), Cost Saving (helps to merge SS IDE to CND) 159443 VV EU + DBX team some some AP+ test scenarios
Common C/C++ Debugger (API, Impl, Configuration) Conversion to Sun Studio (helps to enable DBX support), enable partners (MicroChip), Cost Saving (helps to merge SS IDE to CND) 151788 VV VV, EU, TP - - AP

Besides above:

  • Maria will drive DLight awareness and adoption, which will involve some engineering as well (see at DLight68Plans).
  • Project Speedway is continued and will take some resources (VK, AK)
  • Eclipse CDT to IPS repository (AS, AK)
  • Sun Studio toolchain at UC (AS + Igor)
  • OpenSolaris + Sun Studio VDI (AK)

Quality Goals

The same as in 6.7 (160 P3)


  • Vladimir to create CND68Plans wiki and put it all there.
  • Vladimir and Maria will file feature IZs and link them from the page.
  • Vladimir to create wiki for our wish list to be implemented by community, with some minimal instructions how to become a CND contributor CNDNetDEV.
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