The high-level plan for NB6.7

Defining Features:

  1. Refactoring (Catching up with Competition - Eclipse has 5 refactorings vs 1 unofficially supported in NB)
  2. Observability Tools (Gizmo project - D-Light based real-time interactive CPU, memory and synchronization profilers)
  3. Qt Support (Project Level support, Code Assistance, GUI Designer is considered to be external - loose integration is possible). GTK support may be considered later as an enhancement

Target Features:

  1. Discovery improvements, seamless import of typical and well-known Open Source projects
  2. DBX integration (deferred)

Important Enhancements:

  1. Remote Development Easy of Setup & Use (Including Remote GUI development)
  2. Code Assistance Performance Improvements
  3. Improved support for Macro's
  4. Tool collection improvements

Enhancements suggested for 6.7 (QA to review):

  • Projects:
  • Call Graph: pictorial view
  • Code Assistance:
  • tune to match compiler features
  • fast expressions parser
  • Better semantic highlighting
  • GDB enhancements:
  • debug core files
  • remote attach
  • automatic view
  • return value
  • breakpoints disambiguation
  • Editor cool features:
  • . to -> translation
  • autocorrection
  • Fully functional output window

Quality Goals:

Beta FCS
P1 0 0
P2(UP2) 15 (0) 0 (0)
P3(UP3) 200 (N/A) 160 (0)

Deferred to next release

  1. Audits (Static code checkers)
  2. Publish (to an open source repository)
  3. Bundle MinGW to Windows distribution
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