Author: Jaromir.Uhrik@Sun.Com

Problems with N/A in NetBeans bundles

Information related to Java Accessibility API is stored in NetBeans resource bundles. There is big amount of accessibility names and accessibility description keys that are assigned to N/A in NetBeans source repository (http://hg.netbeans.org/main). It is highly appreciated to fix these bundles to provide correct information. The work that should be done will be summarized here:

  • detect bundles/modules containing N/A assigned to accessibility descriptions/names (QE)
  • file issues to particular modules (QE?)
  • fix these issues (DEV?)
  • process issues verification (QE?)

Detect bundles

So far there are 479 resource bundles containing 2301 accessible description or accessible name keys with fake value 'N/A' - check File:A in bundles (generated from main repository snapshot from 2008/10/24)

File issues


Fix issues


Verify issues


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