Hg Instructions to work with UML Team repository (

Setup: (Install / Add fetch extension / Merge tool)

For Windows / Mac OS X:
1.Get the binary package (Mercurial 1.0.1) from and install
2. Edit Mercurial.ini on windows or .hgrc on unix and add the following under "extensions"
fetch =
3. Get a Merge-tool:
I use TortoiseMerge : and install (don't forget hgmerge.cmd)

Working with Hg:

To clone:
1. hg clone

To build:
2. cd uml-main
3. ant
4. Now you have all modules except UML. To add UML modules, Create a new file named "" under <clone-dir>/uml-main/nbbuild/.
Edit the file, and add the following one line:


5. cd uml-main
6. ant
The above will build UML modules. You can open the IDE, and work with UML like any other Netbeans modules.

Modify your files...

To commit and push:
4. hg ci -- to commit your files to the local repository
5. hg out -- to see your changesets
6. hg fetch -- to update / merge / commit
7. <Fix the conflicts if any> Merge tool will open in case of conflicts.
8. hg push -- to push your changes to the global repository
Then go to to see if you see your changes.

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