Bugtracking SPI Review

Submitter: Tomas Stupka

Reviewers: Jaroslav Tulach, Tomas Pavek, Ondrej Vrabec, Jirka Rechtacek

Short description

Allow external parties to create fully integrated support for arbitrary bugtracking systems. Make the SPI public (with "Under development" stability level).


In Progress ...

  • 19.11.2013 - sent mail to involved reviewers
  • 21.11.2013 - Ondra provided his notes to javadoc (mostly minor). Fixed
  • 27.11.2013 - Tomas P. provided his notes to javadoc and pointed out a few minor issues regarding the semantics or necessity of some methods. Fixed 28.11.2013.

Review materials

  • see Issue 238275
  • bugtracking/arch.xml
  • javadoc in bugtracking/o.n.m.bugtracking.spi/api

Questions and opinions


TCRs summary


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