P1 Product feature does not work, no workaround exists
data loss User's data are corrupted or lost
usability Prevents most users from completing work, with no workaround
crash or deadlock Reproducible, unavoidable crash or deadlock
memory leak Huge memory leak
performance Regression in startup (>5%), memory usage (>10%)
Very bad UI responsiveness making the feature unusable
Scalability problem making the feature unusable in an usual scenario
exception/frequency The issue has more than 50 exception reports or more than 20 duplicates + votes
test Tests run by QE failing regularly in our testing environment (UI functional - reproducible also manually with exact steps)
others Blocks another developer's progress, no workaround exists
Incorrect text or graphics with legal implications

P2 Product feature doesn't work, a workaround may exist but it's difficult to use or impractical
usability Prevents users from completing work without significant or inefficient legwork
Improperly or inconsistently named or ordered item defined in Permanent UI specs
Window does not resize dynamically to show all of it - not need to resize window (doesn't apply when using --fontsize)
crash or deadlock Intermittent crash or deadlock that happens fairly often
memory leak Significant memory leak of a functionality which is used repeatedly
performance Regression in UI responsiveness (>50%) and breaking UI guidelines (100ms, 1s)
Significant scalability problem
AWT thread blocked by a task which could run on background
No or inappropriate indication of progress of a running task
exception/frequency The issue has more than 20 exception reports or more than 10 duplicates + votes
accessibility Crash or exception caused by cooperation of NetBeans IDE with Assistive Technology
Functionality available by mouse is not reachable by keyboard
Opened window doesn't gain the focus directly (invoked window hides, minimizes or stays on background with no possibility to focus it)
Component "eats" focus (doesn't release it) - cannot switch to another component by keyboard
Font, Color or Sound are being used as the only cue to the user
Accessible Name is not set, or is hardly understandable (incorrect meaning; HTML tags; ...)
internationalization Text/messages do not come from a localized file
It's impossible input or see proper representation of characters from another locale (user is running IDE in) or characters of another encoding chosen by user for their project
others Affects another developer's progress

P3 Part of a product feature is affected, a viable workaround exists
usability Prevents users from using the software efficiently, could be an annoyance, or could result in a bad impression of Netbeans' usability
memory leak Small memory leak of a functionality which is not used often
performance UI responsiveness of a feature breaking UI guidelines (100ms, 1s)
Bad use of API which causes waste of resources
accessibility Opened window doesn't gain focus directly, but workaround exists
Illogical tab order
Inconsistent or non-standard methods of access by keyboard
Font, color is hard-coded
Mnemonic clashes inside of container

P4 Incorrect behavior that doesn't affect functionality
usability Cosmetic, aesthetic, or grammatical issue in nature, but does not prevent users from doing their work, or the issue has a clear and efficient workaround
performance Small performance deficiency with minimal effect on a feature
accessibility Accessible Description is not set, or is hardly understandable (incorrect meaning; HTML tags; ...)
Missing mnemonic
No labelFor points to a component
internationalization Incorrectly shown the time and date and any other locale specific information

Initial priority may be changed by NetBeans Team

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