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This page collects GreaseMonkey scripts and other browser tools useful to NetBeans developers. To use the scripts in Firefox, first install GreaseMonkey and then just click on the respective script download links.


For script developers: scripts are versioned in the main/misc Mercurial repository in the directory browsertools. If you push updates, the links on this page should automatically show the new version.

Fix Issuezilla Page Titles

Removed. The new Bugzilla installation always puts the summary into the HTML title to begin with.

Link to Mercurial Changesets


This GreaseMonkey scripts turns Mercurial changeset IDs on view-issue pages into links to the respective changesets on Optionally, the changeset ID can be prefixed by a well-known repository name like main or core-main. For example:

  • 1de77956b994
  • #1de77956b994
  • main #1de77956b994
  • core-main #1de77956b994

Bugzilla attachments


Displays text or image attachments in issue pages inline so you do not have to separately click on them. Helpful for taking a quick look at patches, thread dumps, screenshots, etc.

"No-nav" bugs


Removes navigation chrome from Bugzilla pages on The result loads more quickly and offers more usable display area.

Issuezilla list coloration in no-nav mode

Removed for now. Currently Bugzilla issue lists are not even colored without nonav.

Create Issue Commit Log

This bookmarklet can be used to quickly create a commit log in the recommended form #<issue>: <summary>. Put the following code in the location field of a new bookmark (as a single line):

javascript:void(window.prompt('Commit log:', '#' +
  document.forms[[2 | 2]].elements[id].value +
  ': ' + document.forms[[2 | 2]].elements[short_desc].value))

Note: if you are using no-nav mode mode substitute forms[[[2 | [2]] with forms[[[0 | [0]] in the snippet above.

Then invoke the bookmark on a view-issue page while logged into Only tested on Firefox.

Update: not necessary for NB IDE users since you can use the built-in Bugzilla integration during commit.

Javadoc Incremental Search


Home page

A nice third-party script that makes it easier to look up something in online Javadoc. Works with NetBeans API documentation.

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