Browser Embedding in Netbeans Status


September 07, 2007

Huge progress was made this week. We stumbled across WebRenderer which does exactly what we intend to do. Unfortunately it is not OpenSource by any means. WebRenderer is obviously using Gecko (and possible some of WebClient) as even their sample code has remenants of WebClient's sample code. The most important part about finding WebRenderer is that we now know that embedding a lightweight component (or similuated lightweight component) is do-able. Assuming this project has resources, this CAN BE DONE.

There are two routes that are currently being looked into.

  1. Using a bufferedImage to Re-Draw the MozillaNative image into Netbeans. Not exactly the nicest way to do things, but it seems to be the approach of Adobe AIR (who uses WebKit) and possible of WebRenderer.
  2. The preferred approach would be to simply limit the Native window to draw within a JPanel. Although we would have to some work with reszie, scroll, etc this there is much less work in this space.

Additional finds around step #2:

It seems that WebClient provides an API called WindowControl. This WindowControl ultimately modifies the size of the native window that is drawn. So at this point, we need to grab the Netbeans RCP Window Handle and force WebClient to use it. Then set the boundaries to the desire JPanel. So these bounds would then be updated everytime the JPanel is modified.

First Steps

Preliminary research is currently being conducted. Check out our first embedding of WebClient into Netbeans.

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