Generic mylyn connector usage in NetBeans

Known issues which appeared while trying to create a NetBeans generic UI prototype based on the o.e.m.trac.core connector bundle.

Connector extension point

AbstractRepositoryConnector extensions are available by the Eclipse extension point mechanism, where the extension point is defined in the tasks.core.ui bundle, but unfortunately the runtime environment provided for Mylyn connectors by NetBeans doesn't support any bundles depending on anything related to eclipse.ui. Is there a chance that the connectorCore extension point would be defined in the tasks.core bundle? That way it should be possible for NetBeans to know about the extension point and to find an eventually provided AbstractRepositoryConnector extensions in a connectors xxx.core bundle.

see also issue #386117 at


  • there is no mechanism how to get the repository metadata involved in a query - to fill lists like e.g. components, milestones, etc. and their relation e.g. components belonging to a product
  • the current trac connector ui defines a query as an url and passes it over to the core implementation. In general there is a need for a way how to define a query without any knowledge of the particular connector/repository. Some kind of a mechanism like e.g.
query.setAttribute(TaskAttribute.SUMARY, "test")

so in case no url is set, the core implementation would then create the query url from the given attributes. Operators like AND, OR, CONTAINS etc. had to be available as well.


  • while TaskData seems to provide enough information to fill the fields in a Task Editor, there isn't enough info about ther relations - e.g. components belonging to a product
  • task mapping for TrackTaskData doesn't return an url


  • repository setup - standardise how a repository is setup - e.g. it is impossible to execute a remote operation until the right version (acces method - Web, XML-RPC) was set on a TaskRepository
    • a method to ,code>validate()</code> repository settings would be useful. On AbstractRepositoryConnector perhaps?

Date formats

  • enforce a standart date format - e.g. in case of trac its new Date(seconds * 1000l), in case of Bugzilla it is a string representation of a date. There is no contract how exactly the date values should look like.
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