BPEL Debugger HIE Review Request

This page describes the UI-related areas of BPEL debugger, which need a review by an HIE specialist (as considered by development). A written description of a feature is supplemented by an image, and, where applicable a video file.


The BPEL debugger module allows setting breakpoints from both Design View (diagram), Source View and Navigator. Therefore, these three views are displaying breakpoints information to the user.

Currently, the visual representation seems consistent, but there is a long-standing enhancement request, http://www.netbeans.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=87103, which requires HIE attention.

The below video shows the user-interaction aspects of handling breakpoints.

Items that need review:

  • Process of creating/enabling/disabling/deleting breakpoints
  • Icons for breakpoints:
  • Enabled
  • Disabled
  • Broken
  • Icons for Design View toolbar:
  • Enable all breakpoints for selected element
  • Disable all breakpoints for selected element
  • Delete all breakpoints for selected element

(Note that the concept of multiple breakpoints that exists in Java, does not apply to BPEL -- there can only be one breakpoint per activity)

Debugger Decorations at Runtime

When a user steps through a BPEL process in debug mode, Design View provides a rather rich visual feedback on user actions. Special decoration is applied to elements which have already been executed, are being executed, etc. This is also best illustrated by a video.

Items that need review:

  • Decorations (icons in some cases) for:
  • Elements that were already executed
  • Elements that have not yet been executed
  • Element at which the execution has been stopped (current element)
  • Element being currently executed (the rotating progress bar)
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