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Other books

To introduce into NetBeans Platform programming we recommend tutorials on and two great books:

  • Heiko Böck, The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 6.5, Apress 2009, ISBN: 978-1-4302-2417-4.
  • Jürgen Petri, The NetBeans Platform 6.9 Developer's Guide, PACKT Publishing 2010, ISBN: 978-1-849511-76-6.

These books guide the reader through philosophy, infrastructure and through process of application development.

Heiko Böck's book is dedicated for people who want to understand the philosophy, infrastructure and architecture of the NetBeans Platform to utilize it to build their own desktop application. Saying - how it is made and how to use the Platform, for older programmers.

The Jürgen Petri's book can use developers to quickly introduce to NetBeans Platform modules programming and to have working applicatione early. By other words - what and how to do to get things working, for younger programmers.

This book provides quick reference, solution and explanation for tasks that daily work brings you. Ergo quickly look up how to write the code to make my work functional, for all programmers.


The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 6.5 book page : support page : made by translators.

The NetBeans Platform 6.9 Developer's Guide Book page :

NetBeans Platform Platform tutorials and doc : Platform community page : NetBeans API javadoc :

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