NetBeans Platform Cookbook History

History of the NetBeans Platform Cookbook.


I am fond of NetBeans. It is very clever IDE. Other IDEs are well too but they require a brief introduction and their philosophy is strange for me. Using NB you are able to work promptly, you do not have to learn anything special. Everything is naturally. It can be even base of my own application. I can care of your things only. I am proud the NetBeans come from Czech Republic also. And it is good made.

Using NetBeans Platform I had an idea to put my knowledge to wiki to prevent others searching them into several tutorials and documents. When my colleague told me: "If you can't program so write about it." so I decided to publish for others.

When the the editor suggested to write a Cookbook for NetBeans Platform applications I had this concept: create an handbook the developer can look up a solution, what class or method use, what approach is the right, ensure if he has written it right. And provide code for copy. Something I missed by my work.

That the book was done soon Javier A. Ortiz Bultrón took a half of the work. Thanks. He is more experienced than me. I do not use the Platform in my work.

We didn't want copy the documentation or other books so we ommited the Actions topic. It is well covered. Sorry. May be it would appear on wiki book support page.

The book was cancelled after the first draft. It was a strategic, economic decision, I don't know. The editor had prepared other similar book and it would be too much.

So we received rights back to publish our work on NetBeans Wikis.

If you have any idea, missing topic, find errors or uncomprehensive parts feel free to write to errata page or to NetBeans Development mailing list with title 'Cookbook short-description'. Or contribute.

So enjoy the book and use it heavily.


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