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Java EE BluePrints Apps

This document lists the apps that will be part of the final BluePrint module to be delivered to Netbeans Update Center. The BluePrints module has been moved from basic NetBeans build to the Update Center in NetBeans6.0

Most of the Java EE 5 applications have been refreshed in the repository after the last drop to NetBeans and need to be updated. Localization requirements may change depending on the Updated Center where the module will be hosted.

List Of Apps

Java EE 5 Apps: 

Note: Project Names are not final

  • Java Persistence API Programming Model
  • Using JPA in Web Only App }}strike 90376}}
  • }}strike Session Facade (JPA in Enterprise Application)}}
  • AJAX Programming Model
  • File Upload }}strike 107351}}
  • Simple Popup

I haven't tested these yet. Will run through them & fix any errors. These will still be part of the BluePrints module. No new additions

  • AJAX Components :
  • Auto Complete Text Field
  • Pop Up Balloon
  • Calendar
  • Google Map Viewer
  • PayPal Buy Now
  • Progress Bar
  • Rating
  • RSS News Bar
J2EE 1.4 Apps : 
  • Web Tier Design
  • Making Web Apps accessible
  • Client Side Validation
  • Client Session State
  • Handling Command Sessions
  • Server-Side Validations
  • Web Service Design
  • J2EE Client of Document Oriented Services (DOS)
  • DOS using explicit Schema
  • }}strike DOS using String 104764}}
  • DOS using xsd:any
  • }}strike DOS using xsd:anyType}}
  • }}strike DOS using attachments}}
  • }}strike Standalone client of DOS}}


  1. On discussion with Mark, we have decided to remove apps above that have a strike-through. They are old apps that have not been worked on for over 2 years and are not supported aand conventions have changed since they were created.
  2. Planning to add a BluePrints Library Component which will contain the various jars that the apps have dependencies on.
  3. May have to do a localization passthrough for this as per instructions from Ken Frank depending on which Update Center is chosen to host the module on

Localization Issues

From Ken,
There are 2 nbbuild issues that impact bp and providing msgs to translate in the kit.

  • 110471 - provide a separate bp l10n kit for nb6, just as has been done before for nb55 - this is about the files from bp cvs (the issue assumes bp team will work with RE team as in past to do what is needed for this from both sides)
  • 71609 - need separate nb uc l10n kit - for bp it would involve the bp translatable files in nb cvs itself getting into this kit, these used to come in the product l10n kit but can't anymore. In general there is a new process about kits and it seems RE might be able to build UC kit without needing dev to create special list files, but I don't know details and as far as I know there is not such kit yet.

Older Documents Relating to the BluePrints Module

Status :


  • DOS using String 104764
  • DOS using xsd:anyType
  • DOS using attachments
  • Standalone client of DOS
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