Way of displaying node information in the BPEL bebugger's Local Variables view.

Node Name Icon Type Value Editable
WsdlMessageVariable variable name WSDL_MESSAGE_VARIABLE_ICON "WSDL Message" "WSDL Message (N part(s)..." false
WsdlMessageValue.Part part name WSDL_MESSAGE_PART_ICON XSD Type "XML Data..." false
XmlElementVariable variable name XML_ELEMENT_VARIABLE_ICON XSD Type value.getElement().toString() false
SimpleVariable variable name SIMPLE_VARIABLE_ICON XSD Type value.getValueAsString() true
Node.ELEMENT_NODE tag qname ELEMENT_NODE_ICON "XML Element" node.toString() false
Node.ATTRIBUTE_NODE attribute qname ATTRIBUTE_NODE_ICON "XML Attribute" node.getNodeValue() false
Node.TEXT_NODE "#text" TEXT_NODE_ICON "Text" node.getNodeValue() true
Node.CDATA_SECTION_NODE "#cdata-section" CDATA_NODE_ICON; "CDATA Section" node.getNodeValue() false
Default NamedValueHost getName() DEFAULT_VARIABLE_ICON "" "" false
Default Node node.getNodeName() DEFAULT_NODE_ICON "" "" false
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