Upgrade existing IDE to new one release

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Someone was using the current release of IDE while newer IDE release was published. In that case the IDE could notify an user about possibility to upgrade to the newest release and assists her/him to make


IDE checks repeatedly IDE release center for new releases. If some newer release is available, IDE will notify users in the status line like plugins updates does. The notification allows users to invoke Upgrade wizard which assists users to make IDE upgrade. The Upgrade wizard is capable to choose the best-fit installer bit of appropriate release, download it and launch the IDE installer. Rest of installation executes the IDE installer.


  • execute/write permission of IDE installer
  • lost plugins in old IDE after upgrade


  • how to detect new one release?
  • either need to extend Update Descriptor DTD with upgrade tag or
  • reserved URL where will be new releases promoted, or
  • RSS feed reader built into Autoupdate UI, or
  • reserved IDE Upgrade plugins what will do upgrade instead of Autoupdate itself
  • UI spec
  • NBI
  • Need NB Installer bit - list of modules included per installer kit
  • Remove Old IDE while installing new one IDE


Petr Zajac's comments


Almost all applications and operating systems allow to do upgrade of core parts and to new one release (Firefox, Ubuntu). We are developing Instant jchem. Our release cycle is approximately 3 months. Our users prefers update by using autoupdate. We have to use old platform version (NetBeans 6.0) because we are not able to upgrade platformx cluster.


  1. Updating clusters. New clusters will be downloaded to new folder.
  2. Update (increase) cluster numbers in etc/netbeans.clusters
  3. Use new platformX cluster in /bin/netbeans and /bin/netbeans.exe files.
  4. Change userdir. It's better to to create new userdir if platform will be updated.

Point 3. is the most critical 1., 2. and 4. we can handle in our code.

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