How to Module Group Together?


Currently Module Manager and AutoUpdate features work with modules as base unit. Presentation of great many of modules to users is not transparent, hardly to search specific module and difficult handling of new features or module updates. In NetBeans design the once module usually is not whole feature but only small part of it. Most of features (editor, collaboration, subversion, etc.) are made by several modules and each separate module needn't be handle individually.


  1. Presentation of IDE installation in Module Manager, Module Manager should present all available features in IDE, users can enable/disable/uninstall features
  2. Update Center contains features which can be download&install into IDE
  3. Cluster of features (aka pack) should be grouped/presented/handled together


  1. grouping of modules should be done while building of product
  2. module's structure and grouping should be shared in NB installer
  3. define naming of several levels of granuality: for example
    [[Module->Feature->Pack | module -> feature -> pack]]
    or {[Module->ModuleSuite->AddOn]}


  1. prototype feature_pack: allow declare a set of module as feature, can presented as single unit in AutoUpdate Wizard. Cannot be propagated into Module Manager, lost after IDE restart. No support in module/NBM building.
  2. Module Descriptor contains category attribute, it could be extend to feature declaration, it means
    Once Category == Once Feature
    . Better support in build, needs to add new attribute parent to specify up-category like packs

-- Main.JiriRechtacek - 19 Oct 2006

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