Brainstorming on AutomaticProjects

When: Apr/24 4pm Prague, Giza room

Who: Tonda, Jesse, Milos, Milan, Tomas Z, Tomas M, Lukas

Jesse introduces AutomaticProjects


Jesse, Milan: this approach is probably much more precise than the guessing from ant script we tried in the past

Milos: project metadata are read-only and the IDE cannot modify it in any way (no adding of web service, web framework, new GUI with Swing layout,...)?

Tomas Z: build script may do much more than just simple compilation, e.g. creating stubs,.. background compilation in the IDE may also have problems with that

in Eclipse we think the users are not using background compilation in these complicated cases

Jesse: we will have to find the most usual task of the user's development cycle and optimize for that

Milos: how would compile single, run, run single, deploy work in autoprojects?

Jesse: compile single would be available only in the form of Compile on Save other actions will have to have each its own java code, assuming not much UI for the user

Milos: the internal execution of various actions could be useful also for other project types

Tomas Z: we already do some special handling for Run because of the background compilation (background compilation does not put its product into output folder) if ever ported to other project types, a special handling of Run will have to be provided there as well

Jesse: this (two approaches for Run action - one with background compilation and one without) would mean confusion to users and much more work for QA to test!

Jesse: we don't have a long term strategy for developing our projects

Tomas Z: Eclipse in not in a better position. Their approach is similar.

Jesse: we don't have enough information about users' setups

a survey???

Jesse: how many users are doing something special in their build process? how many people need to do something special for example just to run unit test? how many are adding something to their build script which would be incompatible with background compilation?

customer visits?? (to find out what users really do, not what they say they do)

AI: let's work with background-compilation folks on getting more information about the users...

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