Notes from the Tech Council meeting on AutoUpdate in NB 7.0

See the AutoUpdate TC spec here for background info. The meeting took place on Dec 2, 2008.


  • Dmitry Lipin
  • Alexei Mokeev
  • Marian Mirilovic
  • Jarda Tulach
  • Petr Pisl
  • Tor Norbye
  • Jesse Glick
  • Petr Jiricka
  • David Kaspar (JavaFX)
  • Petr Gebauer (sustaining)


There was agreement with the enhancements that the AU team is currently planning. In addition to that, the TC requested the following actions:

  • AutoUpdate team to investigate the possibility of upgrading the IDE to a new version (both minor and major version), through downloading and launching the installer of the new IDE version in the background.
  • AutoUpdate team will investigate a generic way to change attributes of (shell) files in nbms, after downloading nbms from the update center.

Detailed notes

Licenses in the descriptor - get rid of it
  license shown after downloading plugins
  need input from Jan Rojcek on the UI changes
Updates of invisible modules
  which exact kits to show in the UI?
  eager module - what to do in that case? There are still some problems in this case probably.

Upgrade to new version
  Major version upgrade is a problem
  Tor: downloading the installer and running it is enough
  Jesse: let's stop putting numbers in cluster names
  RC -> FCS: update should be doable, branding should not be a problem
  Tor's idea should be doable, Dmitry will investigate. The difficulty could be replacing files on Windows? 
    Probably not, as we use a new location.
  How to handle distributions? If I downloaded Java SE and then updated Ruby and Mobility, what should it download?
  Right solution: open the download page?
  Tor's proposal: download the same distribution that the users have, and also download any additional modules.
    - disable the ones the user disabled
    - download the additional modules that the user had before
  Jesse: Ubuntu upgrade works well

  some modules chmod in AU after startup
    chmod can be done internally, not by an external process
    fix in the AU extractor: all shell scripts should be executable (can not be distinguished using a .sh extension)
  specify in a given file inside nbm which files need to have the bit changed
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