Technical Council Review Specification - NetBeans 7.0.


Notes from the Tech Council meeting


NetBeans IDE is well-known for its extension support. Making user experience during installing and upgrading IDE be smooth and clear gives user good impression about the IDE and gives more time to concentrate on the IDE features themselves.
Decreasing the amount of information which is required to be downloaded from the web to know about the update available is certainly the area of improvement. This will also lead to the lower memory consumpition and thus greater performance.

Features and tasks planned for NetBeans 7.0

Overall plan of main enhancements is available here. For 7.0 we are going to address the following issues:

Significant features and tasks not planned for NetBeans 7.0

Interactions with other features and teams

All of the 3 major issues planned require UI review.
Fixing invisible modules issue will make life easier for sustaining team.
Working on the plugin verification imporovements can require interaction with Mobility team since that have related functionality (Keystore Manager).

High level design

The most up-to-date concepts are available in File:Plugin manager tech talk MPK200805.pdf Jirka`s presentation and in the document, describing changes planned in NB6.0.

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