Automatic Registration of PostgreSQL and MySQL Connections

PostgreSQL and MySQL are important open source database, and it would be good if NetBeans made it as easy as possible for developers to work with them.

We already include and register the PostgreSQL and MySQL drivers. Given that we know these are available, another incremental step we can take is to automatically register a default connection to these databases.

PostgreSQL by default is configured to listen on the local host at port 5432. Also, the default setup of PostgreSQL includes role/user called 'postgres'. We can create a connection to PostgreSQL using this default configuration localhost:5432 user/password: postgres/{empty}. With this setup, in a large percentage of the cases, it should 'just work' out of the box.

Similarly, MySQL has a default port of 3306 on localhost, with a default user/password of root/{empty}.

The visible result of this change would be two new connections showing up in the Database Explorer when you start up NetBeans:


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