Feb 5th-6th, 2008

Q1. How will you preview the wiki file locally?
Ans. Well, we would be using the browser, which is configured through the IDE.

Q2. I mean, what about the template of the Wikipage, as being previewed locally?
Ans. Well, we must get the CSS for the above, either by observing few sources of the existing docs/contacting the webmaster for them.


Feb 21st, 2008

Feb 7th-8th, 2008

  • To find out how exactly the community docs operates in the background, we looked around the internet and found out some interesting links about the NetBeans Wiki Module.
  • Version System -
      1. Adding user-configurable options
      2. Integrating Web services with NetBeans desktop applications
      3. Automating module updates and providing user help
  • Blogosphere -
  • NetBeans Podcast Episode #40 discussing our project Idea over there. Podcasts brought to you by Gregg Sporar and Roman Strobl.
  • Shownotes, as they call it, have been reproduced by Amit on his personal blog, have a look at the post.

Feb 5th-6th, 2008

  • We have to find out how exactly the community docs operates in the background.
    1. Its not going to be an embedded browser for making the doc.
    2. We would be having an editor, with a background thread parsing line-byline and with text-highlighting features, as well.
  • Version System holds the key for this module.
  • Developer Collab, not of much concern, what we can do is bundle it with NetBeans IDE, in future (which could have been earlier by the community). Just meet the contributors and review their docs/troubleshoot their problems.


Feb 5th-6th, 2008

As we came to close the discussion for tonight, another issue came up, i.e. it may happen that when you have just checked-out a doc and someone else a minute later commits a new version, then you should get a notification, that either checkout again or get some other message.

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